When your child is at Happy Hearts Daycare and Forest Elementary School you can be confident in the quality of their care, education, and social-emotional development.

Our first priority is to create an environment where children love to be!

Children can learn so much from the world around them when they are given the opportunity to ask questions and investigate in a hands-on manner. Engaging lessons that mirror the children’s interests, will provide the stepping stones for new discoveries.

My background as a teacher and my Masters Degree in Child Studies and Education have provided me with the experience to know what is expected from students at pre-school, kindergarten and elementary levels. Happy Hearts will lay the foundation for children to excel in our environment. Building peer relationships, learning problem solving skills, regulating emotions and being mindful of the world around them, are some of the many skills they will take with them for life. From a scholarly standpoint, children will learn their alphabet and phonics, counting and number sense, shapes and spatial awareness, colours and artistic expression, science and inquiry, and so much more!

Parents at Happy Hearts will be included every step of the way. We are a community of like-minded individuals, all concerned with the best interest of your child. You will hear about your child’s triumph and successes and I guarantee transparency if an issue or injury arises. Using our secure app, you will also get an in-depth look at what we are doing at Happy Hearts in real time, so that you can strengthen the link between home and school and have great conversations with your child about activities they have enjoyed each day.

I look forward to meeting you and your family and welcoming you to the Happy Heart’s Community.

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